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"If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it" - Willy Wonka

Click here to see the online article. IMAGES AZ Magazine captures the uniqueness of Zak's Chocolate

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Chocolate Connoisseur Magazine

Zak's Chocolate featured as Cover Story

OUR STORY...ON THE COVER of Chocolate Connoisseur Magazine.

When we opened our little craft chocolate shop about 3 years ago, we just wanted to share chocolate, the way we like it, with the hope that others might like it, too. Chocolate is a very personal experience and we are really excited that Chocolate Connoisseur has shared our own personal story, and some of the things that were, & always will be, important to us, from ethically sourced cacao to highlighting Arizona grown & produced ingredients, to collaborations with other local craftspeople, many of whom are mentioned in the article (some are in the part that comes after the online free preview versionšŸ§).

Anyway, this is our story. It’s kinda long, so grab a chocolate bar or two, pair it with your favorite Arizona wine, coffee or spirits, and we hope you enjoy.

Cheers & ChocolatešŸ«

Maureen & Jim (Hey, wait a minute, who’s Zak? Do you know? Maybe you'll figure it out from reading the article...)


Click here to read the online free preview version (it's about two-thirds of the whole article). Because Chocolate Connoiseur is a subscription-based publication, we were not able to provide a link to the entire article. However, if you want to read the rest of the story (and we hope you do), just click here for a pdf version. It's not a real clean looking version, but just scroll down until you see the picture of our chocolate ice cream.wink

{btw, if you are interested in subscribing to Chocolate Connoisseur Magazine you can use the coupon code ZAKS30 for 30% off either the current issue or an annual subscription}

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SciGirls PBS show

Zak's supports episode shot in Arizona

We are proud to have been able to support an episode of SciGirls fearuring 4 Arizona girls and their mentor. 

In this episode, Valeria and her friends take action in their Arizona community. These SciGirls partner with an industrial engineer to design a streamlined service plan for a food bank, and help high school students in need. They spent a day at Zak's examining how we have changed and improved some of our processes since we began making chocolate as a hobby at home.

SciGirls is an Emmy award-winning PBS Kids television show, website, and educational outreach program that draws on cutting-edge research about what engages girls in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) learning and careers.

Check out the episode by clicking here

Or, Click here for a 2-minute section shot in our factory

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2017 Recognitions & Awards

click heading above to see a list of the specific Zak's products that received these 2017 recognitions



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Edible Phoenix Article

Tasting Artisanal Chocolate in Arizona


"Embracing old methods and new flavors to go beyond commercial chocolate."

We are honored to be featured in Edible Phoenix, Summer 2017 edition. Click here for full article 

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Zak's Cacao Nib Caramel wins at Good Food Awards


Zak’s Chocolate was named a 2017 Good Food Awards Winner in the Confections Category for its Cacao Nib Caramel.

We are proud and honored to be the first Arizona winner in the Confections Category and only the second winner ever from Arizona. 


Click Heading above to

click here to read the story in Phoenix New Times


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Phoenix Magazine 2016 Best of the Valley



We are so very proud of this award. It is very exciting that more and more people are discovering and recognizing what real chocolate is all about. And, that real chocolate is a real food




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Zak's Featured on Fox10 News Segment 2

Corey's Corner Part 2



 The second live segment features our retail shop in front of our production area.

 Click here for Part 2 of the live segment on Fox10 News


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Zak's Featured on Fox10 News Segment 1

Corey's Corner Segment 1




 Check out this great live piece from Fox10 News/Corey's Corner. A behind the scenes look at how we make Zak's Chocolate...click here

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Phoenix New Times 100 Tastemakers in the Valley

Get to Know More About Maureen & Jim, Plus "Three Things You Probably Don't Know About Chocolate"

From now until we publish the 2016 edition of Best of Phoenix,

New Times is naming 100 Tastemakers — 

members of our local culinary community who help shape the way we eat, drink, and think about food in Phoenix. Some you'll know, and for others, it'll be a first introduction, but each person on our list deserves a nod for helping make our city so delicious.

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Zak's Chocolate Featured in Phoenix Magazine

Chocolate Reign


“We pay a lot more for the beans, but there are fine flavors and there’s a relationship and sustainability factor,” says Jim Elitzak, co-owner with wife Maureen of Zak’s Chocolate in Scottsdale.

Click here for cool video of our chocolate making process

{Click Heading above to read full Blog entry}


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Phoenix New Times "Project Phoenix" Issue features Zak's Chocolate

So, do they ever eat mass-produced chocolate from the convenience store? Read story for answer

Chocolate-making is a lost art, Jim Elitzak says. It's also a messy one. When his wife, Maureen, with whom he co-owns Zak's Chocolate in Scottsdale, announced that she was going to start making her own chocolate, grinding beans by hand and using hair dryers to blow cocoa shells, he balked.

"I said, 'I will never do that. No, thank you,'" he remembers. Jim since has changed his mind: The couple opened Zak's Chocolate in a small Scottsdale storefront last spring. There, they create organic single-origin chocolate bars and sweets made from their own bean-to-bar chocolate. Everything is done by hand: the roasting, the separating, the melting. Even the paper each chocolate bar comes wrapped in is handmade. The business began as a hobby...click here for full article

Click here for accompanying video of our chocolate making process


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Zak's Chocolate Named Best Chocolate

Best Chocolate in Metro-Phoenix 2015 by Phoenix New Times

Just six months into our new venture, we are very excited and proud to have been Named Best Chocolate in Metro-Phoenix 2015 by Phoenix New Times.

Especially exciting is that this was not a popularity contest vote. It was an editor's choice. 

Thanks to Phoenix New Times and Chow Bella Blog for recognizing our craft. .Click here for Story


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