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The Most Magical Chocolate Shop in Every State

Zak's is featured in "EAT THIS, NOT THAT!" (click above for more)



From EAT THIS, NOT THAT!: For those who can't resist an intoxicatingly sweet caramel-filled chocolate truffle or a scrumptious piece of cranberry pistachio white chocolate bark, you deserve to know which chocolatiers are crafting the very best desserts in your state.


Thankfully, our friends at Yelp did the heavy lifting for us by compiling the data, and then we explored exactly what makes each place so exceptional to determine the best chocolate shop in every state.


We then hand-picked what we thought was the very best chocolate treat served at each shop.


Click HERE to see the list. Share with your friends and family so they can help support local chocolate shops where they live.





Cinnamon Plum bonbon shown with its good friend, Mango bonbon

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