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Cacao Magic in 4 short videos from the Tropics

Farming, Fermentation, Drying, Quality Control

These videos are a great introduction to all the magic and really, really hard work done by so many amazing people in the tropics.

Learn what has to happen before cocoa beans arrive at Zak's so we can turn them into chocolate for you to enjoy.

These awesom, short videos were produced by our primary partner in transparent trade, Uncommon Cacao

Click below to watch each video:

Farming - Learn where cacao grows and who grows it

Fermentation - Yes, Fermentation! Learn about the magic and science of this crucial step in developing fine flavors

Drying - Sounds easy, but if not done right, well...trust us, it can really ruin the flavors of valuablem (& expensive) cacao 

Quality Control -  Where it all comes together! Ask us about the story behind our award-winning Guatemala Monte Grande 70% Dark Chocolate

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