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Charitable Donation Requests

Zak’s Chocolate is committed to supporting our community.

Our donations of time and/or product will generally go towards organizations & events that relate to what we do.

Food, Arts, Environmental & Educational causes receive priority. 

We also prioritize relationships with existing customers.

Please understand that we receive many requests for charitable donations throughout the year.

We hope you will also understand that, as a very small business, we cannot accommodate every request and that it takes us some time to evaluate all the requests we receive. 

So that we can fairly consider and evaluate the many requests we receive for donations of our products and our time, please complete our donation request form in its entirety.

This form must be submitted in person at our shop at least 2 months in advance of when you need the donation. 

Unfortunately, donations that do not meet these requests will not be considered.

If we are able to make a donation, we will get back to you before your Desired Date of Donation indicated in the form.



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