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Zak's Chocolate is a local, award-winning small-batch craft chocolate maker and an artisan chocolate shop. We are one of a small number of chocolate shops that makes 100% of our own chocolate. And, we use only ethically-sourced cocoa beans. 

We (Maureen & Jim, that's us in the photo), love chocolate and we love the amazing natural flavors of fine cacao varieties. What started as Maureen's home hobby now allows us to share our passion with you at our small production/retail shop in Scottsdale. 

At Zak's we roast only ethically sourced cocoa beans (read more here) and make our own single-origin and proprietary House Blend chocolate to use in dark, milk & white chocolate bars, as well as truffles, brownies and other yummy confections.  Everything is done by hand, from sorting cocoa beans to wrapping our bars to hand crafting our truffles.

Cocoa beans are the seed of the cacao tree, and each cacao origin will taste different based on the bean variety, its growing environment and how we roast and bring out unique flavor profiles. Like coffee and wine, each cocoa bean comes from a unique terroir that impacts its flavor. 

Our single-origin dark chocolates contain only organically farmed cocoa beans (most of which are organically certified), organic cane sugar and a small amount of cocoa butter to enhance the smoothness of our chocolate (which we press in-house from the same beans used in each origin bar). Our chocolate making style results in a chocolate that is creamy and smooth, but not bitter. All of our dark chocolate bars are vegan, gluten free and dairy free. Our milk chocolate is crafted with the same ingredients as our dark chocolate with the addition of organic whole milk. Our unique, award-winning Sonoran Desert White Chocolate is made with only three ingredients: House-pressed cocoa butter, organic whole milk powder and organic cane sugar. We do not use soy, corn syrup or anything to artificially extend the shelf life in any of our products.

We hope to see you at our small factory/retail shop in Scottsdale where you will be able to see us making chocolate directly from the bean and pick up some for your own enjoyment or to share. Find us at: 

Zak's Chocolate 
6990 E Shea Blvd. "Sweet" 116 
Scottsdale AZ 85254

email: info@zakschocolate.com

Phone: 480.607.6581        

We are proud to be the first Arizona Good Food Awards winner in the Confections category and to have been named 2018 Best Chocolate & 2017 Best Ice Cream by Phoenix New Times, as well as 2017 Best Chocolate & 2016 Best Local Food Product by Phoenix Magazine. We have also been featured in USA Today, on the Cover of Chocolate Connoisseur Magazine and on several local news segments. Click on the images below to view the stories and see more in our NEWS & VIDEOS tab.



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Chocolate Events

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Upcoming Events:

November 3 AZ Central Wine & Food Experience

November 8 - 10 Chiles & Chocolates Festival at Desert Botanical Garden

January 20, 2020 Desert Botanical Garden Demonstration & Tasting Event - Check back for tickets

At this time, due to expansion of our production capacity, we are unfortunately no longer offering tours and we are not able to host our fun & popular events at our facility. You can still find us around town at events with our awesome local partners and we are happy to talk to you about private events at your community clubhouse or other group spaces. Thank you for your understanding and continued support as we grow. Here are some of the events that we offer:

  • Chocolate 101 - A 60 minute overview of craft chocolate. Includes a virtual (video) tour of our small batch chocolate factory. Currently available only for offsite private group events, based on a minimum of 20 people. Not available during "Chocolate Holiday" periods. Contact us at info@zakschocolate.com for details & to book an event for your group's next get-together or as a fundraiser. 
  • Craft Chocolate Tasting/Demonstration - Dive deeper into the world of craft chocolate in a 2 hour experience. Includes guided tasting & chocolate making demonstration. Currently available only for offsite private group events, based on a minimum of 20 people. Not available during "Chocolate Holiday" periods. Contact us at info@zakschocolate.com for details and to book an event for your group's next get-together or as a fundraiser.
  • Wine & Chocolate Pairings - Available for private groups only. All guests must be 21+. Not available during "Chocolate Holiday" periods. Contact us at info@zakschocolate.com for details and to book your private tasting event. 


How is Zak's chocolate actually made?
(it starts with a bean)

The story starts on small farms in the tropics where cacao (ka-kow) trees grow colorful pods. Each pod contains 30-40 cocoa beans. It takes just over one full pod to make each Zak's CHOCOLATE bar. The farmers harvest, ferment and dry the beans. The farmers' work is a critical first step in developing fine chocolate flavors.  Zak's acquires only premium cacao via Direct Trade with farmers/cooperatives.

Here is an overview of all the steps we take to make Zak's CHOCOLATE from these magical cocoa beans.

Just imagine smelling the warm liquid chocolate!

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Zak's Chocolate

6990 E Shea Blvd. "Sweet" 116
Scottsdale AZ 85254

Phone: 480.607.6581

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