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Uncommon Cacao Transparency Report 2015

Transforming the Cacao Supply Chain


We are excited to share with you this easy-reading report from our trading partners at Uncommon Cacao. We are proud to partner with Uncommon Cacao to source our Belize, Dominican Republic, Gutemalan & Haitian cocoa beans through this Direct Trade Network. 

Chocolate starts with the story of people. This report helps tell that story in terms of social, economic and environmental impacts on the lives of the real, hard-working smallholder farmer families that produce the wonderful cacao that we are privileged to turn into chocolate for you. We hope you find this report enlightening as well as thought-provoking. 


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Why a Great Bar of Chocolate Costs so much

If you’re paying $1.99 for a candy bar, you’re not going to be able to support much of anything except the bottom line of the big manufacturer...click here to find out why

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Phoenix New Times 100 Tastemakers in the Valley

Get to Know More About Maureen & Jim, Plus "Three Things You Probably Don't Know About Chocolate"

From now until we publish the 2016 edition of Best of Phoenix,

New Times is naming 100 Tastemakers — 

members of our local culinary community who help shape the way we eat, drink, and think about food in Phoenix. Some you'll know, and for others, it'll be a first introduction, but each person on our list deserves a nod for helping make our city so delicious.

{Click Heading above to read full Blog entry}

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Imagine if there was only one kind of wine grape

Boring, right? Same goes for chocolate!

Imagine if we were led to believe there was only one kind of wine grape. Boring, right? Grab your favorite Zak's Chocolate bar & check out this great video explaining what real #craftchocolate is about. 


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No Caffeine, but a mood lifter

Top 5 Chocolate Myths

One of the most frequent questions we've been asked since opening our craft chocolate factory is, "doesn't chocolate have caffeine like coffee?"  Roxanne Browning of Exotic Chocolate Tasting in NY does a nice job explaining the difference between caffeine and theobromine in her article. http://exoticchocolatetasting.com/site/chocolate-health-benefits/

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What does a cacao pod look like?

click below for a fun short video

Have you ever seen a cacao pod? Amazing that this is where chocolate begins...click here to check out this short video from Holland

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Agroforestry Kickstarter Campaign

Indigenous Innovation: Revolutionizing Cacao in Belize

Zak's Chocolate is proud to support Maya Mountain Cacao's campaign to plant an organic agroforestry cocoa farm with the indigenous Maya. Local solutions, global change!

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