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A Series of Behind-the-Scenes Videos

Welcome into our world of chocolate!

Author: Jim/Wednesday, September 28, 2022/Categories: Chocolate Stuff, Videos

Each video is about 2 minutes long, except the last one (5 minutes).

These were recorded live and, although there is some introductory overlap,

they take you through pretty much everything we do behind the scenes at Zak's, from "Bean to Beautiful".



Part 1 - Intro

Part 2 - Cocoa Beans, Roasting & Grinding

Part 3 - Chocolate Maker to Chocolatier -  from our old space into our expansion space

Part 4 - The Art of the Chocolatier

Part 5 - Brownies and Cocoa Rub and Wine

For a deeper dive into our process, including how we press and use cocoa butter, check out this 30 minute video by

our friends at Foodies Who Fitness. The audio is kinda rough at times, so bear with us on this one. Emjoy!


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