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AS OF June 2, 2023

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If you would like to choose the flavors in your box of chocolates, or have any dietary restrictions, just let us know your preferences in the Notes during Checkout.

Our small batches come & go, so if we are out of any requested flavors we will substitute for something we hope you will enjoy trying.


Ingredient/Allergen Info about our Bonbons (aka Truffles) & Caramels:

*Our bonbons/truffles are made with in our unique Zak's Blend 69% Dark Chocolate (unless otherwise noted) - it's smooth & creamy but not bitter

*Allergen info: we use dairy, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts and wheat in our facility

*We do not use soy lecithin, corn syrup, carrageenan or anything to artificially emulsify or extend shelf life

*Almost all of our bonbons/truffles and caramels are gluten free (unless noted)

*Most of our bonbons/truffles and caramels contain fresh, local Dazeisen Dairy cream, except as noted with a *

*Our bonbons/truffles and caramels are best enjoyed within 2 weeks. We recommend storing all chocolate in a cool/dry place, away from sun, at a temperature range of 55 - 72 degrees. If you happen to have a wine fridge, that's a great place to store chocolate. Just let them warm up to room temp before you enjoy.

If you have any other questions, just email or call us

You can use the photo of a sample 24 piece box with its "roadmap" to help you see what many of our designs look like.

See list below for current selection. 

If we are out of any requested flavors we will make substitions. If you have any dietary restrictions, just let us know. Anything crosseed out is not currently available.

Beverage pairing ideas:  = red wines   = white wines  = sparkling wines (try a Cava, Prosecco or Sparkling Rose)​  = Craft Beers   = Bourbon/Whisk(e)y

Caramels (in dark chocolate): 

Hibiscus Caramel (soft caramel infused with blue hibiscus petals for a natural sweetness) 

Zak's Caramel (chewy style light caramel in dark chocolate shell)  

Dark Caramel (gooey style dark caramel in dark chocolate shell) 

Bourbon Caramel (gooey style dark caramel in dark chocolate shell; made with local Adventurous Stills Peralta Bourbon) 

Caramel Pecan - a gooey dark caramel w/ Arizona pecans crumbled throughout 

Marshmallow Dark Caramel (house-made marshamallow + our gooey style dark caramel = :)) 

Milk Chocolate Caramel (our Zak's Caramel in a milk chocolate shell)  

Nuts (in dark chocolate): 

Pistachio Crunch (house roasted, lightly caramelized pistachios - our twist on a classic) *

Hazelnut Crunch (house roasted, lightly caramelized hazelnuts)*

Peanut Butter Cups (made with local PB Americano

Cocodamia: (Coconut Milk/Macadamia Nut Milk creamy ganache covered in dark chocolate) It also happens to be dariy free and vegan *

Zak's Blend Dark Chocolate Ganache Centers (unless otherwise noted):

NEW: Passion Fruit White Chocolate Ganache 

NEW: Lemon Mint White Chocolate Ganache (lemon white chocolate ganache infused with peppermint)

Simply Chocolate (our international award-winning chocolate truffle) 

Mocha (made with locally roasted Bergies coffee

Raspberry (raspberry pureé blended into our chocoalte ganache - a classic!) 

Orange Chamomile (a milk chocolate ganache with a touch of citrus and a light, sweet floral finish) 

Cinnamon Plum (featured in "Eat This Not That"- just the right balance between delicate cinnamon and dark fruit - try it with a Syrah, Zin or Rioja) 

AZ Queen Bee Honey (w/pure local honey from a real beekepperAZ Queen Bee

Mango (rich mango flavor) *

Prickly Pear (REAL AZ prickly pear cactus nectar; slightly tangy, floral red fruit) 

Tropical Blackberry (we take blackberries to the tropics with lychee & passion fruit for a bright & tangy flovor) *

Blackberry Cardamom (a magical blend of blackberry and complex spice - try it with a bold red wine) 

Earl Grey Lavender (a deep chocolate from the Earl Grey black tea infusion with a refreshing lavender finish) 

Toasted Coconut (infused w/ organic coconut for full flavor without the pieces) 

Ginger Tangerine (balanced ginger and citrus flavor without a bite) 

Caramelized Pineapple (for more adventurous foodies, try this dark chocolate bonbon with aromatic white wines) *

Strawberry "Balsamic" Black Garlic (Black Garlic from Rhiba Farms & Roasted Barrel Cactus Seeds from Cactus Kelly) - be a little adventurous 

* does not contain dairy


Any flavor crossed out (above or below) is not currently available


Jalepeño Pineapple (a perfect combo of sweet and heat)*

Cherry Coconut (cherry pureé makes this a sweeter coconut flavor)*

Crispy Rice in Dark Chocolate (organic, gluten free brown rice - a thicker, much better version of that big brand crunch from your childhood)*

White Chocolate Malt (our take on a childhood memory, covered in dark chocolate) (contains gluten)

Passion Fruit (bright, tangy passion fruit puree blended into our chocolate ganache) *Milk Chocolate in a dark chocolate shell 

Smoky Star Anise (A burst of smoky, sweetness with Burlap & Barrel Star Anise, tamarind and a touch of local honey) 

Chocolate Mint (infused with organic peppermint leaves for a fresh flavor) 

Blueberry (tastes just like chocolate covered blueberries)

Ginger Lime (a soft lime flavor, the "bite" is tamed by a touch of ginger) 

Blood Orange (for lovers of this classic flavor combo - bold orange flavor with chocolate) *

Yuzu Lemongrass (an infusion of locally grown lemograss takes the edge off yuzu, this piece has mild citrus and herbal notes) 

Orange Rosemary (a twist on classic orange and chocolate, infused with fresh, locally grown rosemary, perfect for autumn) 

Chocolate Chai (our take on a warm cup of Chai Tea Latte wrapped in chocolate)

Peach Blossom (soft peach notes add a touch of spring to this piece)  

Orange Blossom (for those who love their orange & chocolate a litlle less bold) 

Butterfly Pea Flower (a cool blue colored ganache from infusing butterfly pea flowers into our white chocolate - creamy, sweet and slightly earthy, like a green tea) 

Belize 70% Dark Chocolate (dark chocolate bonbon made with our single-origin Belize chocolate - it has a surprising naturally sweet finish) 

Raspberry Rose - SUPPORT OUR 7TH ANNUAL FUNDRAISER BENEFITTING THE JOY BUS (a soft raspberry flavor with a rose petal infusion)

 Key Lime (key lime white chocolate ganache - tastes like key lime pie filling)

 Pear (pear white chocolate ganache - creamy with a subtle pear flavor)

 Kiwi (kiwi white chocolate ganache - just a bit of tang)


Orange Stout (made with AZ Wilderness Chocolate Orange Stout (contains gluten)

Gin & Tonic (with Bombay Sapphire Gin bitters & an infusion of locally grown herbs 

Cacao Praline (caramelized cacao nibs ground in dark chocolate - its a crunchy, dark, sweet treat - not a ganache center)*

Pina Coada-ish Mousse (2 layers: creamy whipped Pineapple Mousse and a coconut ganache) alcohol-free and dairy free*

Marshmallow (not a ganache center - house-made marshmallow in a dark chocolate heart shape)

Rose (a white tea and rose petal infusion for a soothing soft rose flavor )

Raspberry Green Tea (a softer raspberry flavor than our Raspberry)

Mimosa - made with fresh-squeezed, local oranges and champagne reduction* 

Raspberry Passion Fruit Mousse (our once-a-year 2 layer piece: whipped passion fruit mousse over a raspberry chocolate ganache)

Peanut-y Stout (made with AZ Wilderness American Goo Goo Gaa Gaa Stout) (contains gluten)

Dark Rum Caramel (gooey style dark caramel in dark chocolate shell; made with local Adventurous Stills Dark Rum) 

Rose Caramel (chewy style, sweet & floral; rose petal infused caramel) 

Cayenne Mango (rich mango flavor and just a touch of local cayenne pepper)*

Coconut Milk Matcha (nicely blended flavor, not too strong on the matcha green tea) dairy free*

Blackberry Rum Runner (with locally crafted dark rum from Adventurous Stills in Tempe* 

Slightly Spicy Stout (made with AZ Wilderness American Presidential Stout & local peppers (contains gluten)

Horchata Stout (made with AZ Wilderness Horchata Stout & a touch of cinnamon and vanilla (contains gluten)



Peppermint Mocha (infused with local Bergie's Coffee & organic peppermint leaves)

Spiced Pumpkin (with real pumpkin puree and all those warm pumkin spices)

Eggnog (made with fresh, local Danzeisen Dairy eggnog)

Gingerbread (warm winter spices and a cute little gingerbread man design)

Candy Cane  (mint chocolate ganache with organic candy cane pieces and a candy cane design) {LIMIT 1 PER BOX- NO EXCEPTIONS}

Cherry Cordial (a non-alcohol classic, but our cherries have no artificial color) {LIMIT 1 PER BOX - NO EXCEPTIONS}




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