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7 Food Trends to Look Out for in 2020 and Beyond (Phoenix New Times article)

Have you tried Roasted Barrel Cactus Seeds in our chocolate bar or in our Strawberry Black Garlic truffle? How about a Prickly Pear truffle?

Author: Jim/Sunday, January 5, 2020/Categories: In the News

7 Food Trends to Look Out for in 2020 and Beyond

*An Expanding Interest in Desert Ingredients

Right now, culinary use of the edible plants of the Sonoran Desert is something happening on the margins of our food culture. But these local ingredients, the tepary beans and amaranth and cactus barrel fruit and so on, have the capacity to give the Valley’s food scene rich, place-specific levels of definition beyond what can be dreamed in the coastal cities and the culinary hotbeds between them. I’ve been tracking the culture of these ingredients and desert foodways in my 2019 column, Sonoran Arcana. I expect them to steadily trickle into an increasing number of capable hands, inching from the margins closer to the mainstream. Zak’s Chocolate studs a bar with cactus seeds. Welcome Diner makes a soup with nopales. Even Café Allegro at MIM, the Musical Instrument Museum, has been harnessing local blue corn, mesquite flour, and tepary beans. 

*Continued Ceviche Surge
*The Gradual Rise of Multiuse Spaces
*Expanded Focus on Zero-Waste and Sustainability
*Rise of the Non-Restaurant Chef/Cook
*More National Recognition for Arizona Food
*Starting to Spearhead Water Conservation Efforts

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