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Zak's Chocolate is a family-owned small-batch craft chocolate maker and an artisan chocolatier. We love chocolate and we love the story and amazing flavors of fine cacao varieties. We have been making chocolate as a hobby for years and are excited to share our passion with you.

At Zak's we roast cocoa beans ethically sourced from different regions and make our own single origin and house blend chocolate to use in bars, truffles and other yummy confections.  Everything is done by hand, from sorting cocoa beans to wrapping our bars.

Each chocolate will taste different based on its origins and how we roast and refine to bring out unique flavor profiles. Like coffee and wine, each cocoa bean comes from a unique terroir that impacts its flavor. At our factory in Scottsdale you will be able to see (and learn) how chocolate is made directly from the bean. 

We are proud to have been named 2016 Best Local Food Product by Phoenix Magazine and 2015 Best Chocolate by Phoenix New Times. We were also featured on several local news segments. Click on the video image below to view the whole story.


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We hope to see you soon for a unique chocolate experience:

  • Factory Tour & Tasting - see how we make chocolate in a 1-hour behind the scenes tour
  • Chocolate Making Experience -  make your own chocolate from cocoa beans in this 3-hour hands-on class

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How is Zak's chocolate actually made?
(it starts with a bean)

The story starts on small farms in the tropics where cacao (ka-kow) trees grow colorful pods. Each pod contains 30-40 cocoa beans. It takes just over one full pod to make each Zak's CHOCOLATE bar. The farmers harvest, ferment and dry the beans. The farmers' work is a critical first step in developing fine chocolate flavors.  Zak's acquires only premium cacao via Direct Trade with farmers/cooperatives.

Here is an overview of all the steps we take to make Zak's CHOCOLATE from these magical cocoa beans.

Just imagine smelling the warm liquid chocolate!

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