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If you would like to add flowers to your chocolate gift for local delivery, we recommend ordering from North Scottsdale Floral, located just a block away from us. We will gladly coordinate delivery of your chocolates and flowers.

A few notes about shipping from the Arizona desert. We take great pride in our craft and offering you a unique chocolate experience. And, of course, you want your chocolate to arrive in pristine condition so you can properly enjoy (and maybe even share?) your chocolate. So, here's how we protect your chocolate:

- Orders are filled within 7 days. We typically ship Monday through Wednesday (so that your package doesn't sit in a warehouse or truck over the weekend). If you require faster delivery, please add a note to your order and we will do our best to accomodate you.

- Most packages will be shipped in a USPS 2-day medium sized box. Inside, your chocolate will be protected as necessary with an insulated foil wrap and/or frozen gel packs, depending on the weather. For orders that require a larger box, we will contact you to confirm any additional shipping cost before processing your order.

The actual selection in your box will vary based on seasonal flavors/designs and availability at the time your order is filled. Photos shown are some of our creations. For more photos of our work, follow us on Instagram and Facebook.        

Now, here's how you can help:

We know that you might want your gift to be a surprise, but the best thing you can do to help is to make sure that someone will be home to take the package inside when it is delivered. We will share the USPS tracking number with you. If you don't want to send the tracking number to the recipient, at least let them know that a perishable package is coming. The biggest risk of your chocolates melting is if the box sits outdoors after being delivered. If someone may not be home, we recommend either shipping to a business address or requesting that your package be held for pick up at the Post Office, so that the package is not left outdoors.

The cost of shipping reflects our actual cost to ensure safe delivery of our small batch craft chocolate for you to enjoy. We are happy to quote a rate for overnight shipping if you prefer. In any case, we cannot be responsible for packages that do not arrive on time or that are left outdoors or in a mailbox subject to the elements, including rain, snow or the heat of the sun.

We know this part might be a bit confusing, but...

1) If you would like to send us any instructions or have a short gift note included with your order, please only send messages in the box that is right above the "PLACE ORDER" button. This box says "Add addtional note to merchant (optional)". 

2) In the section for Shipping Information, IF THIS IS A GIFT, please INSERT YOUR OWN EMAIL ADDRESS, not the recipient's. Otherwise, the recipient will recieve the order confirmaton/receipt and this will spoil the surprise. Do insert the recipient's name & address, just not their email.

If you have any questions, please call or email us anytime. 

Ingredients/Allergens/Shelf Life: Our single-origin dark chocolates contain only cocoa beans (most of which are organically certified), organic cane sugar and a small amount of cocoa butter (which we press in-house from the same beans used in each origin bar). Our chocolate making style yields a chocolate that is creamy and smooth, but not bitter. All of our dark chocolate bars are vegan, gluten free and dairy free. Most of our filled chocolates are also gluten free, although most do contain fresh, local dairy cream. We do not use soy or corn syrup in any of our products. Our milk chocolate bars are crafted with the same ingredients as our dark chocolate with the addition of organic whole milk. However, separate equipment is used from the stage that milk is added through to the finished product so there is no dairy in direct contact with our dark chocolate. Our products are made in a facility that handles nuts. We also offer vegan versions of milk and white chocolate that are made with coconut milk.

All chocolate should be stored in a cool/dry place. Our dark chocolate bars have a shelf life of over one year. Our milk and white chocolate bars have a 6 month shelf life. Our filled chocolates (truffles/bonbons/) are best enjoyed within 2 weeks. Please contact us it you have any further questions about ingredients.

Our online store is below (thank you for scrolling through everything above!). If you have any questions about our offerings or shipping, please contact us at info@zakschocolate.com and we will work together to meet your chocolate needs. Cheers & Chocolate!

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